Sunday, April 29, 2012

Memories Last forever

I would rather  have 5 minutes with someone special in my life,
than having a lifetime full of nothing.

Lucky me to meet a group of people that have change my whole life,
They are my friend during primary and secondary school time.
We're very mischievous but we know the value of life,
we know what should we do in order to have life with no regret,
Thanks to Allah for giving me the most precious gift ever in this world,
Thanks for giving me not only ONE BESTFRIEND, but almost 13 BESTFRIEND,
But, I think its better to describe them as a SISTER or a FAMILY,
because they are more than a bestfriend to me.

during our PnG. Prom and graduation nyte :)

at astaka(in school)

physics tuisyen centre

hang out after SPM.
this is insyirah, i love her

during our vacation at cameron highlands, that time we are 16 y/o :)

we are all sea scout/rovers group. They are from different uniform at first but they change the uniform because of me. :')

At canteen, We have the table just for our group, cool right?; )

Immatured -.-

Cheers to the girls

A bestfriend ;)

They are not from my school, but we're close

This is the boys

again during our vacation at cameron

miss all of them

This is during our vacation at Genting Highland, and oh that english man, he is the transfer student :)
He is very nice and he can speak malay very well :)
i miss him.


Bullying the junior or the senior get bullied by the junior? -.-
first time try the machine :)

During Raya :)

MCD,I'm loving it :)

There's a lot of sweet, sad and sour memory during my time at school,
but they come and chill my life,
It's hard to find someone like them,
We still contact each other,
Hang out each other,
Skype together,
Thanks to them for accepting me the way I am,
I may not be perfect,
I have a lot of flawless,
But they dont care,
Because they said I'm Unique, 
and they just love me the way I am,
Thanks girls and boys,
I love youuuu.


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