Sunday, April 29, 2012

Favourite places

Above are the places that I really want to visit/ have visit. For Paris, I have being dreaming to go there since I was little. Why? Because there is one sister that I know when I was a kid, that sister work as a freelance photographer. So, she really did travel a lot of places. One day she went to our house and show the picture she have taken in Paris. From that moment, I dream of Paris. Insyallah, someday I will visit the paris :) and oh I would like to go to paris with my future husband. hihi :)


and for melbourne, I have being staying there for two month after taking PMR,
Seriously it was so cool living there, 
There is also a lot of Malaysian so people who want to visit Melbourne doesn't have to be worried :)
because Malaysian will always help Malaysian.
The most best part to visit Melbourne are you can see kangaroo and also koala :)
they are very cute. you should visit here.

Next place is Prague,
Prague is a place full of history
and also full of ancient art.
My friends who have visited Prague said that the place is very calm,
and you will fall in love with it.
They are also a statement said that most of visitor are single and wwent to prague , they will eventually find their love partner there.

And for mekkah and madinah,
I've never being there before,
As a Muslim, I really want to perform my umrah and hajj there,
Insyallah this Jun 2012, during my holiday,
I will perform my umrah,
insyallah :)
Hope everything will be okay,
Wish I can change to be a better person .
Amin :)

and for Japan,
I want to go there because Japan is the most Develop country in Asian,
so as an Asian, I really want to visit Japan,
The technology that have being brought out by the Japan also very cool. :)

that's all,
hope I can visit all of this place while I still breath,
insyallah :)

adios everyone
je t'aime

Sports Sports

I don't have any particular sport that I like,
But I do love Football,
And my favourite team is Newcastle and also Manchester United,
Okay I don't really know why I love them,
Maybe because of my brother influence and also my best friend,
That is why I really like both Manchester United and also the Newcastle,
Here is the picture :

The fans that cheer the player

Fabricio Coloccini 
Joey Barton
This is my favourite player in Newcastle, Joey Barton. He's handsome right? hehe :)

Glory Glory Manchester United :)

the fans


Okay, can't wait to watch their match again :)

Memories Last forever

I would rather  have 5 minutes with someone special in my life,
than having a lifetime full of nothing.

Lucky me to meet a group of people that have change my whole life,
They are my friend during primary and secondary school time.
We're very mischievous but we know the value of life,
we know what should we do in order to have life with no regret,
Thanks to Allah for giving me the most precious gift ever in this world,
Thanks for giving me not only ONE BESTFRIEND, but almost 13 BESTFRIEND,
But, I think its better to describe them as a SISTER or a FAMILY,
because they are more than a bestfriend to me.

during our PnG. Prom and graduation nyte :)

at astaka(in school)

physics tuisyen centre

hang out after SPM.
this is insyirah, i love her

during our vacation at cameron highlands, that time we are 16 y/o :)

we are all sea scout/rovers group. They are from different uniform at first but they change the uniform because of me. :')

At canteen, We have the table just for our group, cool right?; )

Immatured -.-

Cheers to the girls

A bestfriend ;)

They are not from my school, but we're close

This is the boys

again during our vacation at cameron

miss all of them

This is during our vacation at Genting Highland, and oh that english man, he is the transfer student :)
He is very nice and he can speak malay very well :)
i miss him.


Bullying the junior or the senior get bullied by the junior? -.-
first time try the machine :)

During Raya :)

MCD,I'm loving it :)

There's a lot of sweet, sad and sour memory during my time at school,
but they come and chill my life,
It's hard to find someone like them,
We still contact each other,
Hang out each other,
Skype together,
Thanks to them for accepting me the way I am,
I may not be perfect,
I have a lot of flawless,
But they dont care,
Because they said I'm Unique, 
and they just love me the way I am,
Thanks girls and boys,
I love youuuu.

I love him, is that okay?

Okay this is my favourite singer,
his name is Park Jae bum,
but his Hollywood name is JAY PARK
i love his voice it full of soul,
he not only can sing but also rap and dance,
he was once a b-boy,
he dance very well and have won a lot of competition,
he used to be in the 2PM,(korean boy band group),
but I have love him before he join the 2PM ,
I first know him when I saw the video of him dancing in the youtube,
okay, lets watch his singing :)
nothing on you cover
best I've ever had cover

And here is the korean song sing by him which is the top 10 list played in my mp3 :)


So, hey Jay Park,
I love you, hehe :)
he's hot , I know :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Event In KIC

Okay, this is one of the event that is most memorable to me during my time in KIC,
Merdeka Raya Event which have being held on last year,
I have a great time during this event.
It really is fun eventhough its tiring.
So, lets scroll down and look at the picture :)

They are all my classmate, A1- Wordsworth during the activity

and this is during the celebration day :)

adios everyone :)

hagemaru bye